Most all of us can recognize the signs of classic depression with its heavy veil of hopelessness and sadness. But what would you think if suddenly you snapped back at others for every little thing and you suffer a pain in your stomach day after day? There are many signs of depression that you could suffer without even knowing the reason. That is, depression isn’t always the face of sadness, there are many more conditions and signs to consider. Some signs of depression may be left untreated because you associate them with other problems, you simply don’t associate them with depression. The key to recovery is accurately identifying your symptoms and getting treatment as soon as possible. Here are a few warning signs that indicate you might want to consider therapy in Oxford.

Over 70 percent of people with depression suffer some type of recurring or chronic pain. According to studies, people suffering from depression are four times more likely to experience disabling low back and neck pain. When you suffer from depression, you are more likely to tune into your body in greater depth, which means any type of pain is suffered more acutely. Those suffering from depression are also more likely to suffer headaches, stomachaches, and in general, a greater sensitivity to pain.

People who are depressed often drown their sorrows in ice cream and other junk foods. Many also turn to fast foods or frozen TV dinners because they lack the urge to do any type of proper shopping. This leads to weight increase. These comfort foods might raise levels of happiness in the short term, but over time emotional eating will lead to weight gain and feelings of shame and guilt.

You drop your toast and it lands jelly side down, you go into a major fit of rage. If you go into Hulk mode at the slightest mishap, it could be a sign of depression. Studies report that over half of people with depression report feeling grumpy or hostile. And once you reach a certain level of negativity, it is all the harder to pull yourself out.

Excessive shopping or gambling are signs of depression, but so is spending your days glued to social media. There are several studies that confirm that people who are online compulsively and have more virtual relationships than real ones may be suffering depression. Spending all day on Facebook may be an escape from your feeling and thoughts.

If your nightly glass of wine has turned into your nightly shots of vodka, it could be more than just a way to deal with a hard day at work. Nearly one of every three people who suffer depression also have a problem with alcohol. And even though having a drink can take the edge off, having three or four can amplify negative emotions. Remember, abusing alcohol doesn’t mean you have to be a raging alcoholic.

Even if you were a little lackluster in the grooming department to begin with, depression may see that disappear altogether. When people are depressed, they report more oral health problems and other signs of neglected physical wellbeing. Not caring what you look like on the outside is a sign something on the inside is not right.

If you are worried that you might be depressed, give us a call.