Do you feel defeated? Are you tired or emotionally exhausted? Does a cloud of sadness seem to follow you everywhere? Do thoughts of hopelessness or helplessness dominate your mind? Do you feel a lack of desire for doing the things that used to bring you joy? Despite all your accomplishments, do you still think like you are not good enough? Do you lack confidence and feel empty when you look in the mirror and can’t figure out why? Maybe you feel like you are alone in a crowded room? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you may be suffering from depression, and therapy can help.

Experiencing sadness in life is not uncommon as everyone in Oxford has ups and downs. However, if your downs occur far more often than your ups it is time to identify what is going on and fix it! Don’t let depression cause you to feel stuck; take the step towards getting help today!

As therapists, we have spent thousands of hours helping clients just like you reclaim their lives and overcome depression. We can help you discern the root causes of your depression and provide effective clinically proven treatment options that will enable you to thrive in life and gain victory over depression.

Why continue to allow yourself to suffer depression? We can help you, therapy can help.