Joshua Magruder, PhD, LPC-S, NCC

Phil is an outstanding counselor. We worked together before he opened The Oxford Counseling Center and his clients always provided high praise for his solution focused work. He provided them with a product, be it self-esteem, problem solving skills, or a new perspective. I would highly recommend working with Phil for relationship issues, adjustment to college, and other general counseling concerns. As a counselor in the same community, I use him as a referral option on a regular basis.

Marc S.

Phil is one of the therapist I regularly use as a referral for clients. His professionalism and concern for his clients is outstanding. He is conscientious and works very hard to be the best professional he can be. This is evident in his ongoing participation in different trainings as well as his pursuit of an additional graduate degree. The feedback I receive from clients I’ve sent his way his always excellent. They comment on his positive demeanor and his caring spirit. He is a wonderful communicator and above all an excellent human being. Should you choose to use his services, I am certain you will have a great experience with him.


I am a colleague of Phil’s, and I have had personal experience with his approach to counseling. He truly understands people and approaches everyone with a can-do attitude and a sense of compassion. Mr. Baquie is unique in that he truly desires to solve the problems at hand and monitor progress in a healthy way. The constructive-styled process is (or in my personal opinion) leaps and bounds more substantial than just being a “good listener.” It is very obvious that the Oxford Counseling Center is interested in positive results. Mr. Baquie will not only be a great confidant, but an excellent advisor. You will want to keep a relationship with him for the long haul.

Melissa Groover, MBA, JD

As an attorney, many of my clients present with needs beyond the legal realm. Therefore, I have referred multiple clients, both male and female, to Phil at the Oxford Counseling Center. Phil is an absolute professional. He is compassionate, takes a genuine interest, and rolls up his sleeves to help clients dig in to the tough issues. I highly recommend Phil and the Oxford Counseling Center to anyone needing counseling.

Guy Shoaf MD, MSEd

As a urologist, I collaborate with Phil on male and female health issues, including sexual health. I refer my patients whom I feel would benefit from counseling because I know Phil works with them at their pace in a private and caring manner.

M F.

As an attorney residing in the Oxford area, I have had the pleasure of getting to know Phil Baquie of the Oxford Counseling Center quite well. From a professional standpoint, I could not provide a higher endorsement to a counseling or mental health professional. Phil is well-qualified, always knowledgeable, and conducts himself professionally and discreetly–all of which are of the utmost importance in this field. As an additional endorsement, Phil seems to have a genuine passion for counseling and helping people. While his eagerness to help is clear, his personality is one that is peaceful and accepting–certainly something I’m sure his clients value above just about anything else. In the short time I’ve known him, I have found myself recommending Phil’s services to anyone who may benefit from counseling and I will continue to do so in the future.

William Meyers, LPC, NCC

Phil breathes compassion and kindness. I refer clients to him regularly.

Josie N.

Phil is kind, compassionate, knowledgeable and approachable. Easy to talk to, he is very skilled in helping people find their way. His approach to therapy is one that fits for many people and can rapidly assist people in meeting their therapeutic goals and improve their relationships. I highly recommend him!

Rev W.

As a pastor, it is always such a blessing to have great counselors in our community who can help people heal in a way that is beyond the scope of simple pastoral care. Everyone that I’ve referred to Phil has left feeling heard and helped in many ways. I’m thankful for the guidance that he’s given in very difficult situations and for all the ways that he cares for his clients. Personally, Phil is one of the most discerning, attentive and genuinely compassionate people I know. If you are reading through reviews today because you are hurting and want to get some help, giving the OCC a call is a great step toward healing and health.

Vicki Mahan, MEd, LPC, LMFT

Phil Baquie is a stellar counselor with good experience in the counseling field as well as many unique talents and interests that enhance his parctice. Oxford Counseling Center is a comfortable environment with a nice waiting area and is located in an area with anonymity and plenty of parking.

Dean W.

Phil is a skilled and competent therapist that works diligently to provide quality care to his clients. I very much appreciate his creativity and ability to connect with others in meaningful ways. He is with his clients every step of their therapeutic journey and is there to help them work through their issues, situations and problems. He also creates a safe space to do this type of work due to his compassionate heart and therapeutic wisdom. I believe in Phil and I trust him completely. If you are in need of or searching for a counselor for yourself, a loved one or a friend, I highly recommend Phil Baquie.

Ricky S.

It is truly an honor supervising Phil Baquie toward his certification as a sex therapist, and I knew after our first meeting that he’d be not only a natural, but a stand-out in the field. His perfect combination of keen insight, intelligence, compassion and unflappable acceptance of everyone he treats, along with the remarkable respect and dignity he provides in discussing even the most painful and deeply personal issues, make Phil an ideal sex therapist. I predict he will be the premiere sex therapist in Mississippi!

James H.

I have referred a few clients to Phil over the last few months and they have seemed very satisfied with his professional counseling. I will continue to recommend him to anyone who needs professional counseling and therapy.