If you are part of a couple in distress, you might feel there is just no way to fix the troubled relationship and you are doomed to be forever unhappy. What makes these types of situations worse are the myths surrounding couple therapy and marriage counseling for Oxford couples. Many of us are under the impression that couples therapy and marriage counseling simply does not work, which is unfortunate as it is problematic. There is a systemic problem here as couples who feel therapy is a waste of time often wait too long until they seek help. By the time they do enter counseling, one or the other has already determined they want to call it quits. But when couples seek therapy early in conflict, the results are quite positive.

During the therapeutic process, the therapist will help the couple see their relationship in a more objective manner. The couple will learn to stop playing the “blame game” and instead focus on what happens to them as a process. There is also the benefit of seeing their relationship in certain context, like how a couple in financial distress is under a different kind of stress than couples who are not.

A therapist will also attempt to change the way that partners behave with each other. In addition to helping couples improve their interactions, a therapist will also ensure that couples aren’t engaging in psychological, physical or economic harm.

We see that people in troubled relationships need not give up in despair, even if the situation seems bleak. For more information on couples therapy and marriage counseling, please give us a call.