My name is Karen Winter. I was born in Oxford, Mississippi and both of my parents were from the original settlers of Oxford. Though I was born in Oxford, my life has taken me to the far reaches of the world. Through various twists and turns of life, I have lived and worked in Southeast Asia, New Guinea, Russia, Romania, Hungary, Africa and Europe.

I graduated from Ole Miss with a BS and then worked for Ole Miss doing research in the Pharmacy School. After several years I went to Harding University and received a degree in Bible and Religion. From there I went to Missions Training Institute and began working in various countries. My responsibilities included setting up base camps in New Guinea, counseling individuals in a myriad of stressful situations, setting up medical clinics, working with orphans and teaching college level English.

During my time while on furloughs from overseas I obtained a Masters in Counseling from the University of Mississippi. I then worked as a counselor at Benson Christian College in Kalomo, Zambia. I worked exclusively with college students helping them to make decisions and work through life’s stressful situations. I also taught psychology at the college.

After returning from overseas I began working with individuals with mental and physical disabilities. I did this work for seventeen years.

My interest is in helping people through difficult and stressful situations, and recognizing their true values as human beings. I think every person should be heard, and through helpful listening enable the individual to work through his problems. My approach is eclectic , but based on Rogerian therapy.