All too often Oxford residents feel couples therapy carries with it a negative stigma. For this reason, many couples resist it, keeping them from reaping the benefits that are associated with couples therapy. There are far more reasons to seek couples therapy than just the thought or threat of a break-up. Here are just a few common reasons couples should seek to improve their relationship through therapy.

If you are a couple expecting a child, perhaps your second or third, you will benefit from seeing a therapist. Often, couples feel they need to reconnect as the burden of raising kids can be a little overwhelming. In addition, parents might have opposing views on the proper ways to raise their children.

Finances; one of the top reasons couples choose to seek the help of a therapist. There are certain dynamics within a relationship, one person is a saver and the other is a spender. Another problem that can gut a relationship is financial stress, couples not able to make ends meet. But all of this can be worked out.

Trauma can bring couples closer together, or it can tear them apart. Everybody deals with loss and tragedy in a different way. Some people are excellent caregivers while others struggle, and this can bring about resentment.

As a relationship progresses, many couples begin to have problems over their roles. For example, the stay-at-home mom might be itching to get back to work or the working husband feels he needs time off.

If any of these problems exist in your relationship, give us a call.